ImageCat visited MWD and LADWP Project Sites

ImageCat team members, together with visiting Professor Toprak of Gebze Technical University, participated in an excursion to the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Casa Loma Siphon project. The MWD was on […]

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ImageCat announces the Global Economic Disruption Index (GEDI)

ImageCat is pleased to announce its new framework Global Economic Disruption Index (GEDI) for assessing the economic impacts of climate change and disasters. GEDI is a NASA, GEO, and GOOGLE-funded […]

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ImageCat participated in the 12th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (NCEE) in Salt Lake City

Several ImageCat researchers attended and presented at the 12th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (NCEE) held in Salt Lake City, 6/27 – 7/1, 2022. Disasters disproportionately harm people living in […]

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Ron Eguchi travels to the University of Illinois to deliver an invited lecture on the Seismic Risk Evaluation of Water Supply Systems

On April 25th, Ron Eguchi delivered a lecture to students and faculty on behalf of the Friedman Family Visiting Professionals Program.  This program was endowed by the Friedman Family to […]

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Article written by Yajie Lee, et al. was published in the Oct 2021 issue of Earthquake Spectra and chosen as an Editors’ Monthly pick

Impacts on catastrophe risk assessments from multi-segment and multi-fault ruptures in the UCERF3 model, the scientific article, written by Yajie Lee, Zhenghui Hui, and William P. Graf of ImageCat, and […]

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ImageCat is part of the new CIVIC Innovation Challenge project “CAREDEX”

The “CaReDeX: Enabling Disaster Resilience in Aging Communities via a Secure Data Exchange” project, led by UC Irvine Professor Nalini Venkatasubramanian, aims to enhance and transform the resilience of older […]

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ImageCat and reask announce partnership to grow the platform and data business

ImageCat is pleased to announce its new partnership with reask, a leading science and technology company focusing on natural hazard modeling.  Reask ‘s global cyclone, typhoon and hurricane probabilistic modeling […]

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ImageCat’s Inhance® and Tenefit’s DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ partner to expand risk platform and data services

ImageCat is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with Tenefit’s DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ to offer early warning and multi-hazard monitoring services on natural and man-made hazards to Inhance® clients. DisasterAWARE […]

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Charles K. Huyck is presenting at Columbia Climate School, The Earth Institute’s conference At What Point Managed Retreat?

The Earth Institute of Columbia University’s Climate School is presenting the virtual conference At What Point Managed Retreat? Resilience, Relocation, and Climate Justice from June 22 to 25, 2021. The […]

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Seismic Risk Evaluation of Water Supply Systems seminar

Ronald T. Eguchi, ImageCat President & CEO, delivered a seminar on April 23rd as part of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Seminar Series hosted by the EERI Student Chapter at […]

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