Monitor your exposure aggregation and perform better risk selection.

FACFinder is an exposure aggregation and hazard mapping platform for Facultative Insurance underwriters. It provides a quick and simple way to identify existing risk locations  and their exposure to hazards and allows them to understand the impacts of adding new facultative locations to their book of business.

  • Exposure databases
  • Hazard data
  • Maps
  • Reports
  • Data error checks

FACFinder provides…

  • A complete view of exposure – Both modeled and non-modeled risks.
  • Increased efficiency in underwriting – Combines underwriting with industry-leading visual and analytical tools with an easy to use interface for underwriters. It allows for easy overlaying exposures with various hazards.
  • Better informed pricing decisions – By implementing better risk selection with a more visible and granular look at hazards.
  • Clear understanding of accumulation – View portfolio concentration as you write new business.
  • Data to promote best practices in underwriting – Unparalleled data and exposure analytics.

Mapping and Geocoding

At the time of underwriting, Facfinder supports US geocoding based on street address including ZIP, latitude and longitude. Hazard layers are available to map and show areas differing in hazard intensity and extents.

Single Location Level and Portfolio Level Analysis

Single new locations can be added (US locations) by an underwriter by clicking on the map and entering information. Multiple location additions can be done by importing a formatted text file. Portfolio level features include displaying of thematic map views of aggregated facultative data (Total Insured Value and Company Limits) at the postcode, county and state level.

Querying and Reporting features

These include maps and PDF reports based on underlying data fields in portfolio.

Global Hazard Data

Access to a comprehensive and diverse set of global hazard layers. Hazard data that covers a range of perils provide you with a thorough view of your risks.

Company Specific Customization available

Standardized module such as mapping, hazard and portfolio data imports are deployed for a client with options to customize business rules and calculations, reports and queries.

To find out more about FACFinder, please contact Shubharoop Ghosh on +1 562 628 1675.