ImageCat is presenting at the AGU Fall Meeting 2022 in Chicago

14 Dec 2022

AGU 2022

ImageCat is pleased to be presenting at the  AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fall Meeting 2022 in Chicago, held December 12-16. On the 14th Charles K. Huyck has a poster session, Development of a Global Economic Disruption Index (GEDI). GEDI is ImageCat’s modeling framework that characterizes economic disruption, restoration, and possible impacts to critical infrastructure. On the 15th Charles  will present Integrating EO and economic modeling into a risk modeling framework to characterize the potential for economic disruption. In this talk, Charles will present the results of a NASA Disasters Grant to investigate a multi-disciplinary approach merging remote sensing, traditional loss estimation, and economic modeling to develop a Global Economic Disruption Index (GEDI). Also on the 15th, Shubharoop Ghosh will be presenting Development of Sectoral Climate Adaptation Plan to Enhance Resilience of the Island Nation of Antigua and Barbuda. In this talk, he will discuss the creation of the Adaptation Plan for the Wholesale and Retail economic sector of Antigua and Barbuda. The plan is envisioned to help the development of an effective sectoral adaptation strategy to form part of Antigua and Barbuda’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP), and it is ultimately designed to reduce vulnerability and enhance the resilience of the sector to climate change. On the 16th, Shubharoop will present Developing a Standardized Global Wildfire Risk Index for Disaster Risk Reduction and Insurance Applications. Shubharoop will discuss ImageCat’s research, which focuses on developing a methodology that incorporates an existing wildfire danger index along with building vulnerability estimates for establishing a global wildfire risk index. Charles will be a convenor in the session Mapping the Built Environment: New Data, Advances, and Challenges in Creating Detailed Understanding of Building Characteristics from Materials to Occupancy.


For more information, please contact Charles K. Huyck or Shubharoop Ghosh.