Andy MacLachlan Shortlisted for AGI Award

14 Nov 2014


Congratulations to Andy MacLachlan from the University of Southampton on being shortlisted for the AGI Award for Excellence in Research and Development. Andy, who was supported in his research by ImageCat UK’s John Bevington and Alessandro Vicini, was nominated for the work that contributed to his Masters thesis, An Assessment Of Earthquake Vulnerabilities In Kathmandu, Nepal For Identification Of Optimal Immediate Aid Sites.

Andy’s work built on the GEM Inventory Data Capture Tools project – an international consortium led by ImageCat which developed a series of methods, tools and apps for the collection of building exposure data for risk assessment. The work also involved local engineers who conducted in-situ field assessments under the leadership of the National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET) in Kathmandu. The work will be continued by ImageCat and GEM to run a risk assessment based on the data generated by Andy’s work. It is hoped there will be a number of upcoming opportunities to showcase this excellent research further.

Andy’s work was towards his M.Sc. in Applied GIS and Remote Sensing from the Department of Geography at the University of Southampton. ImageCat regularly collaborates with universities and research institutions to support post-graduate research activities such as this.