ImageCat prepared to support QuakeSmart community resilience program

11 Oct 2016

FLASH, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, has a useful publication called “QuakeSmart” – a community resilience program for businesses and organizations.

The QuakeSmart program includes many elements that businesses can carry out on their own, while certain elements (assessing the seismic safety and resilience of buildings and equipment, and the development of effective mitigation measures) may require assistance from Professional Civil or Structural Engineers, and the use of seismic risk assessment tools for individual or multiple locations.

ImageCat can help, with seismic risk tools (Seismicat), engineering input, and with access to a large pool of Engineers in the SeismiCat Solution Marketplace

For more information, contact William Graf, PE at ImageCat  ( or call at 562.628.1675 x 223