ImageCat has been awarded multi-year project by the UK Space Agency.

02 May 2018


ImageCat has been awarded a multi-year project titled Modelling Exposure through Earth Observation Routines (METEOR): EO-based exposure, Nepal and Tanzania” by the UK Space Agency. The project is led by the British Geological Survey and has the following partners involved: Global Earthquake Model (GEM), National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET), the Disaster Management Department of Tanzania, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and Oxford Policy Management Limited (OPM).

Often developing nations are insufficiently informed of their population’s exposure to natural hazards, and their decision makers are thus making risk-management decisions without all the needed facts. The METEOR project aims to better inform developing nations of their population’s exposure to hazards through the application of Earth Observation data.  Working closely with local experts, exposure data will be developed and delivered to first the test countries of Nepal and Tanzania and then for the 48 Least Developed ODA (Official Development Assistance) countries.

For project related information please contact:

Charles Huyck, Principal Investigator and Technical Lead


Shubharoop Ghosh, Sustainability Planning and Capacity Building Lead


Project team: