Updated SeismiCat website has launched

02 May 2019


We are pleased to announce that an updated version of the SeismiCat website is now available. The latest release of SeismiCat includes ground-shaking hazards from the 2014 U.S. Geological Survey national model, and allows toggling between the 2008 and 2014 USGS shaking hazards for comparison.  The new version of SeismiCat has more precise Site Class mapping in California as well as the zones for required liquefaction investigation.  It identifies sites in tsunami inundation zones in California, Washington and Oregon.  The user can view their site on the hazard maps for greater precision.  The new version of SeismiCat has improved HAZUS modeling to help users accomplish building-specific modeling.   The Help functions, WikiCat documentation and reports are being updated as appropriate for these SeismiCat changes.  Reports are now provided in new PDF, along with RTF and HTML formats.  SeismiCat offers free seismic hazard lookup for USGS ground shaking and other hazards for scoping PML studies.

Visit SeismiCat online at https://www.seismicat.com/