ImageCat attended the UK Space Agency project METEOR quarterly meeting in Edinburgh, 3-5 July, 2019.

26 Jul 2019

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Charles Huyck and Shubharoop Ghosh from ImageCat participated in the quarterly meeting of the UK Space Agency funded project, METEOR. The meeting was hosted by lead organization British Geological Survey (BGS) at their offices in Edinburgh, UK. Participants at the quarterly meeting included British Geological Survey (BGS), Global Earthquake Model (GEM), Nepal’s National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET), UK and Tanzania’s Office of Policy Management (OPM) and ImageCat. Tanzania Prime Minister’s Office-Disaster Management Department (DMD) and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) members participated via teleconference. UK Space Agency, Department for International Development (DFID), United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) and Insurance Development Forum (IDF) who are members of the advisory board were also present at the meeting.

The participants discussed project progress since the last quarterly meeting #4 in London, key upcoming deliverables in the next quarter and ongoing discussions with funding agency UK Space Agency, and other stake holders.

An Advisory Board meeting was also convened, which included attendees of the board from UKSA, DFID, UNISDR, and IDF.

A Learning Workshop was coordinated on the last day of the meeting by OPM to discuss activities to support recommendations on the target impact and outcomes of the project.

Charles Huyck, who is leading the technical work package on earth observation-based exposure data development for forty-seven developing nations, presented on characterizing uncertainty of general building stock exposure data, and preliminary Level 2 building exposure data for Tanzania.

Shubharoop, lead from ImageCat on sustainability and capacity building, presented on the training and capacity building protocols. An outline of the draft protocol was discussed and included a presentation about the target audience, goals and takeaways. As a part of the discussion, NSET Nepal and OPM contact for Tanzania shared their in-country experience on training and capacity building activities.


More information on the project is available online:


Charlie Huyck presenting at the METEOR quarterly meeting in Edinburgh

Charlie Huyck presenting at the METEOR quarterly meeting in Edinburgh