ImageCat attended a Sea Level Rise and Flooding seminar at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA

10 Mar 2020

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Several members of the ImageCat team attended an event focusing on “Sea Level Rise and Flooding of Long Beach Peninsula, Naples, and Belmont Shore” on Monday, March 9, 2020. The event was hosted by the Aquarium of the Pacific and The Nature Conservancy and was part of an ongoing series of seminars and workshops that the Aquarium has been holding to put a spotlight on the risk of sea level rise in our local communities. Experts Dr. Reinhard Flick and Walter Crampton provided background information about the science of sea level rise and its risks, and then discussed possible approaches that can be taken from both an engineering standpoint and from a sociopolitical standpoint. Other speakers included CSULB Professor Wade Martin discussing the economic impacts of sea level rise on local communities, Juliano Calil demonstrating progress on a new virtual reality application that allows users to visually explore the impacts of sea level rise in the Long Beach Peninsula, and a representative from the City of Long Beach providing an update on the City’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. Following the morning session, ImageCat’s Charles Huyck stayed to participate in further discussions during a focus group with residents and experts.

Juliano Calil  and ImageCat's Georgiana Esquivias

Juliano Calil and ImageCat’s Georgiana Esquivias viewing the virtual reality application

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