SeismiCat is updated for 2020 with new features

01 Apr 2020

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ImageCat is excited to announce that SeismiCat, our Seismic Risk Assessment tool, is updated for 2020 with new features. Within the CODA damage model, SeismiCat can now infer effective IBC code version and all corresponding seismic design parameters (T, Cs, R) based on year-built and location defined for any building. The new optional CODA Collapse module enables the user to conduct a collapse screening analysis utilizing basic design parameters (R, Cs, T) to calculate the probability of collapse while also accounting for major seismic deficiencies (e.g. structural irregularities) and adjust loss values accordingly. Also within the hazard module, In addition to 2008 and 2014 versions, SeismiCat now offers the newly released USGS 2018 ground motions, with important updates in modeling deep sedimentary basin effects in the western U.S. (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Salt Lake City) and new ground motion models for the central and eastern U.S. (NGA East).


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